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You elected me and sent me to the House of Commons to represent the people of Buckingham. My election as Speaker is the greatest honour of my professional life and I am very conscious of the responsibility which it has vested in me. I shall strive every day to justify Members’ confidence and to help to restore the reputation of Parliament.

Please rest assured that I continue to represent all my constituents. Although as Speaker I do not speak in or stage debates, table questions, or sign Early Day Motions, I represent all my constituents by raising their concerns with the relevant agency or government department. As Speaker, I receive ministerial replies, often from the Secretary of State, and on an expedited basis in recognition of the fact that the Speaker does not table questions or speak on the floor of the House. I no longer address any issue in a party political manner in accordance with the convention that the Speaker remains impartial.

I continue to attend events and undertake visits of a non-party political character throughout the constituency. Visiting schools, health services, local authorities, charities, voluntary groups and community gatherings has always represented the overwhelming proportion of my constituency work and I continue to do it every bit as conscientiously as I have always done. Do get in touch with me at the Commons if you would like me to visit your organisation.

It is my duty and pleasure to serve all of my constituents in Buckingham. If you need my help on any matter, whether local or national, please get in touch with me. You can find my details on the contact page.

John Bercow


Wycombe District Local Plan

I have been approached by a number of constituents about the Wycombe District Local Plan and the recent consultation.
As you might be aware, the Plan sets out future plans for housing, employment and infrastructure across the District.  The Local Authority has a statutory responsibility to complete such a Plan in line with Government requirements.

Against HS2

HS2 Committee Report

The Committee's report is available to download here.

The Gresham Lecture

Constituency Map